Moelia believes that your hair is your crown.  Since the crown sits atop the human anatomy, it is only fitting that we bring the finest natural treatment to care for it. Moelia serves to bridge nature and human in a sustainable and impactful way where everyone benefits.

Moelia is committed to bringing the best quality candlenut oil to you from nature. Moelia’s candlenuts are wild-harvested and sourced directly from local multi-generational mountain farmers. Moelia only uses the freshest nuts that are hand-sorted by seasoned farmers. Moelia Oil is cold-pressed at room temperature, thus preserving its potent natural hair-care benefits.

Moelia is also committed to bringing back good conscience to nature. Although human advancement has taken a major leap in the past century, as citizens of the earth, we have fallen short in our effort to preserve and protect nature in its natural form. Candlenut trees are not spared from human exploitation.  They once thrived along the slopes of the beautiful mountain range behind the Toba natives’  humble straw houses, but are now threatened by profiteering practices.

Candlenut trees, a cultural and biological heritage, are axed down for timber and cleared for other types of cash crops deemed more lucrative by profit-oriented entities in ways that could harm the environment and natural habitat. In many unfortunate cases, uninformed and helpless farmers had to chop down the wild candlenut trees in their backyard, and sell them to exploiting parties in order to fund their children’s education. At Moelia, we address such issues by taking conscious steps to maintain balance between socio-economic development and environmental sustainability.

“Moelia” in Bahasa Indonesia means “Nobility”. By purchasing Moelia Oil, you have helped make a positive impact on the environment and empowering the rural communities.  Thank you for joining us in the Moelia Journey!

Our Vision

To be the best producer of candlenut oil in the world with a strong reputation for social responsibility and environmental sustainability

Our Missions

  • Bring the best quality candlenut oil to the world’s market
  • Empower rural communities and drive local economy
  • Foster social engagement with local communities through financial contributions
  • Preserve the candlenut tree for its cultural and bio-diversity importance