What is candlenut oil and what are its benefits?

Candlenut oil is extracted from the candlenut, which is an oil seed rich in essential fatty acids. Candlenut oil is well-known by the Indonesian natives to possess many hair-treatment and skincare benefits. The candlenut oil makes for highly effective hair-care treatment because it nourishes the scalp exceptionally well. Great hair comes from healthy scalp. Moelia Oil prevents hair-loss, promotes hair-growth and deeply moisturizes the scalp.

How does Moelia Oil work?

Moelia Oil is rich in unsaturated fats and it has the ideal ratio of Omega-3 to Omega-6, which is 2/3. It tackles your hair problem by nourishing the scalp and providing rich natural nutrients to the roots of your hair.

How do I use Moelia Oil?

Massage oil into scalp using circular motion, leave on for at least 30 minutes before shampooing as usual.

Is it safe to use Moelia Oil on my little ones?

Absolutely! Moelia Oil is 100% natural, paraben-free and fragrance-free. It is suitable for all ages and it works wonder for babies, children and adults alike.

Can I use Moelia for my eyebrow?

Surely! Moelia Oil works well for your eyebrow as it does for your hair.

Can I use Moelia as a moisturizer? What are other benefits of Moelia Oil?

Definitely! Moelia works extremely well as a deep moisturizer. Our loyal customers have reported that Moelia is extremely effective in relieving symptoms of psoriasis, eczema and skin burns. Moelia provides natural relief for dry skin and fight against dandruff. Some customers even use Moelia as a make-up remover as it is non-greasy and it washes off after one rinse with soap. Many Moelians use it as a supplement to their skincare regimen by adding a few drops of Moelia Oil into their existing skin-care products for its moisturizing effect.

I do not have much time, what is the best way to use Moelia Oil?

If you are pressed for time, we suggest you opt for the overnight deep treatment. Massage oil into scalp using circular motion before bed, and rinse off the next morning as you shower. This treatment fits well into your daily routines, and the oil is allowed to work its magic for one full night.

How should I keep my Moelia Oil?

Store your Moelia Oil in a cool and dark place. Light can expedite natural oxidation process. Moelia Oil comes in a box; kindly keep the bottle inside the box after use. This is to keep light away from the bottle prolonging the shelf life of the oil.

What makes Moelia better than other brands out there?

Moelia’s candlenuts are wild-harvested and sourced directly from local multi-generational mountain farmers. Moelia only uses the freshest nuts, which are hand-sorted by seasoned farmers. Our source is unique and distinct, and our oil is cold-pressed at room temperature.

Other candlenut oils in the market are brownish in color. Why does Moelia Oil have gold tone?

Some products use low quality nuts and others use heat in the extraction process or a combination of both. Unlike them, Moelia only uses the freshest and highest quality candlenut. Moelia Oil is cold-pressed at room temperature without heat and/or chemical.

Other candlenut oils in the market look much lighter in color and have aromatic smell. What about Moelia?

Some products use unnatural coloring for lighter color, some infuse fragrance for more pleasant smell while others add additives as preservative. In some cases, they are not even candlenut oil, or they contain very low percentage of candlenut oil. Note that candlenut oil that is too pale in color is very likely to have undergone unnatural refining process (not limited to heat and/or chemicals) where most of its natural nutrients, hence their benefits, have been extracted out. Candlenut oil that is too dark and cloudy in color is very likely to contain high level of contaminants/impurities that the manufacturer is not willing/unable to spend the time and resources to remove due to many reasons, one of which is the painstaking process that will result in higher cost for the manufacturer. Unlike them, Moelia Oil is 100% pure candlenut oil with a slight nutty smell that has undergone our trade secret 100% natural refining process (no heat, zero chemical, no pressure).

How do I check for authenticity of my Moelia?

Moelia Oil is crystal clear with gold tone and a slight nutty smell distinct to candlenut. To shop worry-free, kindly contact our official distributors/resellers here.

What does “Moelia” mean?

“Moelia” in Bahasa Indonesia means “Nobility”. Staying true to our tagline, Moelia is Where Beauty Meets Nobility. We are committed to bringing you the finest candlenut oil while having strong environmental conscience and social virtues.

Where can I buy Moelia Oil?

Find the list of our official distributors/resellers here. For customer care, please email moelia.care@gmail.com.


How much does Moelia cost?

Moelia retails for rp125.000 per bottle.


What promotional/discount programs does Moelia provide?

Our distributors/resellers have their own discounts/promotions. Here is a list of our distributors/resellers. You can also email us at moelia.care@gmail.com.


I would like to be a distributor/reseller of Moelia. How do I start?

Please send an email to moelia.care@gmail.com stating your interest and we will reach out to you the soonest.