The Candlenut (Aleurites Moluccana) is an indigenous plant in Indonesia. The candlenut oil is well-known by the Indonesian natives to possess many hair-treatment and skincare benefits. It is sometimes used as an ingredient in exotic high-end skincare products for its deep-moisturizing wonder.

What makes the candlenut oil so effective in hair-treatment or skincare regimen? The candlenut oil is rich in essential fatty acids. It has high contents of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. These “good” fats made up approximately 80% of its oil content: Oleic acid 15 – 30%, Linoleic acid 35 – 45% and Linolenic acid 24 – 34%. The candlenut oil also possesses the ideal Omega-3 to Omega-6 ratio of 2/3 with approximately 28% Omega-3 and 40% Omega-6.

Moelia Oil is cold-pressed 100% pure candlenut oil (natural, organic, paraben-free and fragrance-free) making it suitable for all ages. With its growth inducing potency, Moelia Oil works remarkably well with babies as adults. The candlenut oil makes for highly effective hair-care treatment because it nourishes the scalp exceptionally well. Great hair comes from healthy scalp. Moelia Oil prevents hair-loss, promotes hair-growth and deeply moisturizes the scalp. Say hello to your healthy, voluminous and velvety smooth hair!

Selly, female, 26 years old, Surabaya
As a new mother, I am still learning my grips to be a good parent. I always want the best for my baby daughter Trisha, and Moelia makes me feel assured that I am giving my best as a mother. Moelia is the best and safest hair care I could find for baby Trisha. After a few days of routine application of Moelia Oil, Trisha’s hair is denser, darker and softer. Noticing the positive change, I also applied Moelia Oil on Trisha’s eyebrows, and they have grown thicker and neater. I am now using Moelia Oil to treat my postpartum hair loss as well.

Dian, female, 19 years old, Jakarta
I started experiencing hair loss the first week after I dyed my hair. I continued to suffer from weak hair roots and dandruff ever since. My scalp was dry and itchy. I became self-conscious and had given up hope after trying countless hair care products to no avail until I found Moelia Oil. Moelia IS different! It tackles my severe hair loss issue holistically by nourishing my scalp. I could feel its deep moisturizing effect on my scalp. Hair loss and dandruff are no longer a concern. My hair is now long and healthy-looking. Thank you Moelia for restoring my self-confidence!

Saraswati, female, 34 years old, Manado
At 34, hair loss is an inevitable problem that I have to face. However, unflattering grey hair is now becoming an issue as well. It makes me look and feel older than my actual age. My hair looked unhealthy, but with routine usage of Moelia Oil, my hair loss is now much less severe, and my hair looks softer and shinier with less grey hair.

Nicko, male, 47 years old, Medan
There are a lot to love about Moelia. I was debating to shave my head bald until I heard about Moelia and decided to give it a try. My balding head is now showing improvement with new hair growth. I highly recommend Moelia to men who are experiencing balding or severe hair loss. Moelia Oil effectively stimulates hair growth in the most natural way.

Risma, female, 63 years old, Bali
Old age is not an excuse not to care for our hair. Candlenut oil is a proven traditional hair care treatment, passed down for generations, which I believe in, and Moelia is my choice. After I use Moelia Oil, my hair feels denser and hair loss is no longer a big problem for me. I have noticed new healthy hair grown on the bald spots all over my head.