An exquisite gift from Mother Nature hidden in the caldera of Lake Toba, the largest volcanic lake in the world, the candlenut grows in the wild on the slopes of the Bukit Barisan mountain range in Western Sumatera, Indonesia.

Lake Toba was formed by a massive supervolcanic eruption in North Sumatera, Indonesia, approximately 75,000 years ago. It was a major climate-changing event felt across the world. The Lake, 100km long and 30km wide, is a part of the Pacific Ring of Fire where volcanic activity is most prominent on Earth. The Eruption spewed out thick nutrient rich volcanic ash across the region making the soil condition in the Toba area one of the most fertile. On these lush beautiful mountain slopes, candlenut trees grow wild.

Moelia’s production facility is close to the source (less than 100km away). The transport time is therefore minimized reducing the amount of natural oxidation that occurs the moment the nut shell is cracked open. This also reduces the possibility of contamination by different types of pollutant. This ensures that the freshness of the nut meat is maintained from harvesting until processing.

The best quality oil only comes from the best quality nuts. Moelia’s commitment in bringing you only the best is evident through its arduous and exciting journey traversing the mountain and valley to find a unique and distinct source, and protecting this treasure all the way until production.

The quality of raw material is always a critical part in determining the quality of the final product. It is no different with candlenut oil. At Moelia, we strive to find the finest candlenuts available.

In our ardent search for the best candlenut, we learned that nuts from the same region are not created equal. Guided by mountaineers with centuries-old topographic knowledge of the Toba region, we found the crème de la crème of candlenuts. These wild candlenut trees grow on the remote steep slopes nearing the foot of spurs on the mountain range where natural nutrients are geologically compounded and trapped underneath the soil. Candlenuts of such origin are the rarest, making it most challenging to find and harvest. At Moelia, we team up with the local mountaineers to bring this treasure to you.

Moelia’s candlenuts are wild-harvested and sourced directly from local multi-generational mountain farmers. Moelia only uses the freshest nuts, which are hand-sorted by seasoned farmers. The farmers crack open the nut shell using a primitive method passed-down for generations by strapping the nut onto a rubber band attached to a wooden stick, and slamming it against a flat rock. The farmers handpick only the best quality seeds from the rarest candlenuts in the region for Moelia Oil.

Moelia Oil is cold-pressed at room temperature. Cold-pressed oil has the most natural nutrient compared to other pressing methodologies. We do not use heat or chemical in any part of the extraction and filtering process. This is to ensure that the oil contain all its nutrients in its most natural state. Additionally, we only press our oil seed once. There are others who claimed to be cold-pressed oil, but they press the oil at higher than room temperature, and re-press the oil cake more than once to ooze out more oil. At Moelia, we do not compromise quality for quantity. We believe the best things come naturally.


Social responsibility and environmental sustainability are the founding pillars of the Moelia Brand.

Socio-economic Impact

At Moelia, we aim to empower rural communities and drive the local economy. We source our candlenuts directly from local farmers, providing them with higher sustainable income than them selling through agents and traders. Moelia also contributes a portion of the sales of Moelia Oil to the development of the Toba regions.

Environmental Protection

Moelia helps preserve the candlenut tree for its cultural and bio-diversity importance by disincentivizing the natives from felling candlenut trees for one-time short-term financial interest.

Environmentally conscious, Moelia’s packaging is fully recyclable as we use FDA Approved 100% naturally occurring ingredients.